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Guide Service
Ashland, Maine

About Our Bear Hunts

2001 Season Dates
Aug. 27 - Sep. 22


Our Bear hunts are for six days.
Arrive Sunday P.M. or Monday A.M.
Hunt begins Monday afternoon.
Hunt ends Saturday at dark (if you need to stay that long).
Depart Sunday A.M.

Most of our hunters only hunt the afternoons as this is the most active time for the bears. Most of our bears are shot in the last two hours of the day. Treestands are placed within 20 yards of the bait with some as close as 12 yards for some great shot opportunities. We utilize both Loc-on type and Ladder / Platform type stands. Most stands are approximately 12-15 feet high. Our stand locations are carefully selected and are heavily baited for 30 days prior to the begining of the season. With plenty of choice, success proven bait and locations to choose from, We can put all of our hunters on active baits. Hunts are limited to 6 hunters per week. Many of our bait locations produce multiple bear harvests during the season. We will do our utmost to track and recover your bear for you. There is a meat processor locally who will process your bear for a very reasonable fee. Food and licenses are not included and are the responsibility of the hunters.
The 1999 Season produced a success rate of 80% with 100% shot opportunities for our hunters.
Hunting licenses are available on arrival at the following costs:
Non resident hunting- $87 (firearms) , Archery only $57, Bear Permit-$17.
Buy your Maine hunting license on line.

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